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Enjoy having a clean, great smelling carpet without having to perform the labor yourself.

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cleaning services.


Is your carpet worn or stained in places? Is it wrinkled in the middle from sub-standard installation? Our repair and restretching services can fix the wrinkles and bubbles, and repair and patch areas that have been damaged by pets or furniture.

You'll be delighted

We can fix that wrinkled or bubbled carpet

Benefit from innovative equipment and cleaning methods used by a company in business over 35 years. We are bonded and insured.


Choose a company that provides quality services at a price you can afford. Serving the Kansas City metro area.

Call today to benefit from:


-   Restretch wrinkled carpets

-   Patch worn areas

-   Repair stained areas too stained to get clean

-   Replace areas dented or discolored by furniture

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