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Difficult We Can  Do, Impossible Takes

A Little Longer

It's important to keep your residential and commercial flooring clean and well-maintained. However, you may not always have the time to get everything done on your own.


You can turn to an experienced company, in business for more than 35 years for assistance with your cleaning tasks.


Allow us to make it easy to get everything done. Get the services you need at times that are convenient for you.  Our hardworking  staff will complete cleaning tasks to your satisfaction, every time. Whether you need furniture cleaned, carpets cleaned, carpet deodorized, or assistance with pet odor removal - you can count on us.


Discover our services

Help is available


Arrange custom cleaning services to fit your budget and your specific needs.


Get your cleaning tasks completed quickly

and efficiently by our

hardworking staff.  


Find time to take care of other pressing tasks when you

allow us to perform flooring maintenance services to keep your residential or commercial property looking and

smelling great.

You can count on our help to keep your residential or commercial property looking great for tenants, customers, and staff.

Line up quick and efficient assistance with restoring your property after its been damaged by water.


Enjoy having clean, deodorized area rugs and carpet.


Save money by having hardwood floors restored instead of replaced.

"Difficult We Can Do, Impossible Takes a Little Longer."


Work with our reliable, experienced staff to tackle your most challenging floor cleaning tasks. Your satisfaction will be our priority throughout the cleaning process.

Carpet Care By Gary Ray has provided cleaning services to the Kansas City Metro area for decades. Your business will be appreciated and we welcome the opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship with you.

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Don't worry, we can do the job for you